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From assessing blockchain’s potential for your business, advising on an ICO, assisting with plan development and stress testing, and business process design, programming and launch, Blockchain Business Consultants help you achieve success.

Our experienced business development consultants and blockchain technologists work with your associates to assess and exploit the benefits of blockchain technology

Some conferences on blockchain are overpromising on what can realistically be achieved with anticipated improvements in technology and required computing infrastructure

We will show you what blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency are relevant to your industry and work with your staff to assess applications that fit your business and current/desired competitive advantages

Using our proprietary process we will identify blockchain applications with the best ROI potential and steer you away from applications unlikely to yield worthwhile results


Analysis Tool

We use our multi-criteria assessment scorecard to compare the many costs, benefits, risks, and other criteria you should consider in evaluating a blockchain application for your organization or investing in an ICO. Click on the image to enlarge.

Initial Coin Offering Advisory Services

  • An ICO can sometimes be worthwhile for both raising funds and promoting your services

  • Cryptocurrencies are gaining acceptance and, properly designed, positioned, and marketed, can offer great value

  • We have both experienced financial industry regulatory experts and legal counsel to help you avoid ICO regulatory and legal troubles

ICO Due Diligence Service

Outside Due Diligence (DD) is wise for any investment, but is especially important for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The lack of regulatory disclosures makes it far more difficult to obtain reliable information, and with ICOs, there is a much higher instance of fraud. There are two very different, important parts of valuing an ICO:

1. Traditional valuation of the proposed business including likely sales, expenses, profits and growth potential. The success and profitability of the new blockchain business launched by the ICO determines the long run value of the token. In some cases, the tokens also give investors voting rights in how the new company operates.

2. ICOs require an estimation, especially uncertain, of the value of the token which may have high speculative investment value

Blockchain Business Consultants (BBC) has experienced personnel with the business, IT and blockchain technology knowledge essential for ICO DD. We also have proprietary checklists and processes to conduct the two different DD processes and provide clients with the best possible information to educate them on their investment. The speculative value of an ICO is highly uncertain, but BBC can greatly reduce your risk of surprise problems in the business or shortcomings in the management team. Click to enlarge image.
Download a Free White Paper
Blockchain Business Consultants has experienced personnel with the business, IT and blockchain technology knowledge essential for assessing blockchain’s value for your organization. We also have proprietary information on some blockchain business applications, and a powerful assessment methodology to consider all relevant costs, benefits, and risks to provide a reliable ROI estimate and gauge the likely impact on your firm’s competitive advantages, described in this free white paper. Submit your information below and the white paper will be available in PDF format.

Business Strategy Wargame and Development Workshop

While blockchain technology and cryptocurrrency will create hundreds of successful new businesses and millionaires, more than 90% of the blockchain businesses and process redesigns will fail because they overlooked a discoverable problem and flaw in their plans that could have been revealed by stress testing the business design and strategy in a business wargame.


Wargaming Video

We work with Advanced Analysis Applications to execute business strategy wargames. Click on the short video above to learn more about wargames.